Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday, July 20th… Going to an animal auction with a BIG heart!!

Today there is a small animal auction at the J.P.’s North Store about two miles before you get to Greenville, on route 32. Vicki and I are going in an attempt to find a few layer chicken that are producing eggs. We have about 10 actual hens laying eggs………somewhere……….whenever, but people are stopping for eggs and we are only supplying a dozen per person right now because we have regular folks that count on getting them from us and we must save some to be able to supply our regular customers who have been buying for some time now. We have 70 young chickens that will start laying late in the fall, but that does little to put eggs in the basket now, so we are going today to see if we can possibly buy a few that will help us and our neighbors out.

I would also like to do a little work on the barn today if that is possible, or maybe even just finish the one rabbit hutch and start another. We can do that in under the barn in the shade or out of the rain…… ha, ha, ha, ha… if we would ever get any! Now that was funny……I don’t care who ya are, that was funny……..(as Larry the Cable Guy would put it.)

If today becomes to unbearable, perhaps we’ll jump in the pool and swim in the frigid waters of 89 degrees. Whew!!!! I can just feel the goose bumps crawling up and down my arms! It is refreshing, even though it is that warm……… and Casey Mae will be in it in a heart beat, given the chance. I recently had to install a hook and eye latch on the spring loaded gate to the pool deck because she was leaving herself in and going for a dip in the pool when we were in the house. We had no idea she was taking a dip to cool off in the mid day sun until Vick happened to see her up on the deck, locked in. Times before that she was wet, but we thought she was just getting into the big tub of water we keep on the back deck. We didn’t know she was pushing the gate open, swimming and then using her nose to wiggle the gate open enough to squeeze back out onto the lower deck again…….all refreshed.

That’s all I needed to find…………… one very expensive dog, that Vicki waited her entire life to obtain…… finally found available, bought………and has fallen deeply in love with, out there floating dead in our swimming pool because we didn‘t have a little latch on the gate. No, No, No…… we’ll not have any of that with any of the animals.

Gotta go get things ready for the auction trip…… As I said in the opener.....I'm going to the animal auction with a Big Heart, (and her name is Vicki) so it's hard to tell what we'll come home with.  I’ll keep ya posted! Could be donkey's in the basement, bunnie's in the bed, guniea's in the backyard, Charlie Brown's shakin' head!

(Vick calls me Charlie Brown, cause when things go wrong for me, sometimes, I just look down and shake my head, like Charlie Brown.)

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