Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday, July 6th… looks like a sunny, nice day brewing…

Today, we will start making rabbit hutches. We will need two such hutches for the females we now have and later, we will make two wire pens for the males. We will probably make these large enough for the male and female to inhabit until the female takes and starts showing signs of nesting. At that point we will transfer her to the hutch where she will construct a nest in the corner of the box and have her litter of bunnies.

Today we are to be blessed with a visit from Vick’s mom and dad. Anita called and said that if it was nice today, they would probably be over to visit. (however, they change their minds frequently), so we will just work on the hutches and see if they show up.

Later I may start the roof on the barn, working on the side nearest the house because the weather and rain usually drive from this direction. We still need about 230 linear feet of 1x4 boards for the perlins on the other side anyway. Mr. Pooters, our sawyer, is working away for awhile at another job and will cut them when he can….. next week or so…. doesn’t matter, I still have plywood to cut and mount, gable ends and the board & batten on the bottom to do too, so there’s plenty of time for him to cut the remainder of the order without hurrying. I do have to get crackin’ with the barn however, so we can get the chickens and turkeys out of the brooding house and return it to it’s intended use of brooding clutches of eggs. So…….I guess we better quit typing and get to hammering!

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