Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Evening, July 25th… Wow!! Look at that barn!! It’s neat!

We worked out on the barn this afternoon and will again tomorrow as long as we can possibly stand the heat. If it’s cool, we will be able to go even faster and longer. We Want This Puppy Completed!

Tomorrow, we are ready to turn the corner on the board & batten to start across the back side to the door opening. I will need to actually have to frame in the rear sliding door and finish the front side to the door opening also. We will then start on the inside wall between the feed room and the chicken house section. There will be nesting boxes that we will need to build and a lot of chicken wire to run all around the outside run area and inside where we want to place chicken wire instead of solid walls. It is really starting to shape up.

When we were finished for the day, we came into the house and I sat on the rear deck steps trying to cool off because I was sweated and soaked as if I had fallen into the pond. As I was setting there resting, Vick said, “Look who's comin’…” I looked and saw Deer Deer coming across the yard to us. Actually she wanted to get the pears which were cut down by the squirrels. I got a succession of pictures as she approached.

We got Vicks therapy completed and then had Japanese food. Interesting, to say the least. We hit Wal-Mart for a pair of hanging gates for each door into the kitchen, so we can keep the dogs in the kitchen when we’re out side working or if we go away.

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