Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday eve.. July 13th… There are good days & bad days, then both!

This day started out as a banner day for one threatening rain. Who cares if it rains, when we need rain as bad as we do? We took off this fore noon and went to an art exhibition in the Greenville Library Basement. We saw the art work of the two Hirsch sisters, one from the city and one from Preston Hollow. There are three sisters, but only two were displaying their art. It was nice and we saw quite a few different styles and all the pictures that Vick liked, ended up being sold before we left. All but one that had three chickens with a string of beads. Anyway, we waited until Stanley Maltzman and his girl friend Joyce showed up, then we again went through the exhibit with them, had a bite of cheese and cherry cobbler, talked to some other artists that we knew from art classes we took before, then left for The China Wok. Vicki had to have her daily fix of wanton soup, so we went up and got a pint of that and headed for home, where I grilled a hamburger. We then did some things needing done around the house, closed in some of the animals and went down the road to meet Vicki’s family for dinner at Eddie Russo’s restaurantaround 6:00PM.

Nice Dinner. Came home. End of day and blog. No rain….hoping tomorrow is better.

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