Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday, July 19th… 7:20 AM… Another scorching, dry day approaching!

Note: Our internet service crashed during the time it took to write this blog entry this morning and just now was restored to us after calling them. I AM NOT LATE!!! They were! Thanks.........

Last night it rained a trickle…the thunder boomed a time or two, I saw a couple flashes in the night sky and it was over. We were resigned to a miserable tease… as if we were the proverbial guy crawling in the desert, asking for water…water, and along comes a guy with an empty Poland Springs water bottle, but offers you the moist drops left in the empty bottle. You might taste it briefly, but you don’t enjoy it……find satisfaction in it, or even appreciate it. Our pond is suffering (as are all in this area) from lack of fresh water. The fish are pooling, ever closer together, in hopes of survival, until rain again replenishes the very homes they group together in. The streams leading to these ponds are gone, dry as the tinder of old wood, a virtual runway for birds as they arrive and depart like planes in a major airport as they come in for a drink of remaining water and leave again. We need rain and we need it badly. I wish we could count on this coming weeks forecast of thunderstorms daily and I wish a couple of those days would be a soaking rain from morning to dark……one of those all day, slow soakers. But I would rather bet that we will have a few of those forecasted days without any precipitation at all. Just wait and see.

In light of my and Vicki’s physical condition and the lousy, hot, dry, deep south like scorcher…. (I hate deep south scorching heat…that’s why we live in the Northern Exposure type setting we do) we will do as little as physically possible today, so as to maintain, at least, our current wellness. Perhaps later, we will brave the heat to work on the rabbit hutches under the barn roof in the shade. We can work at that until we can’t stand anymore, then head for the air conditioned house. If too miserable we can go to any mall to shop in the coolness created by A/C’s there too, who knows.

The duck eggs in the incubator are doing well, the Bantams & Guinea hens in the brooding house want out to run, but they are still too small, but soon they will be able to go. Another week or so I guess.

Isn’t it a shame how time slips away from us all? We get so busy and involved in our everyday lives, solving our problems, worrying about our families and everyone else’s problems, that before you know it, some major happening, which is unchangeable, enters our life and we respond as if surprised that it happened. Some one we love gets married or they have a child or someone we love moves far away or dies. In the end, anyway you look at it, we have occupied our fleeting lives with things ultimately, unimportant to us. How much we have missed or will miss by being pissed off at someone over trifling little things which mean nothing when that person has passed away and we have no chance of ever speaking to them or spending time with them again. Parents become so wrapped up in themselves that they forget the children that they were blessed with as a result of that very love for one another. That strong, unending love for one another has produced those same children that get so busy with their lives that they one day wake up and ask, Where did Gram & Pap go? I miss them………a bunch!

Life is beautiful! Life is also very, very short and must be lived in it’s entirety. Don’t forget to experience every little speck of it, for you cannot do it over. As I always told my Mom when she gave me grief about what I was doing……”Mom, I love you dearly, but remember, you live……… and then you die. You have to do it in that order though! You must do the things you like, eat the things you love and surround yourself with everyone you care about and love. You can’t live your life without trying everything……. living recklessly (within reason), going where no one has ever gone before if the opportunity presents itself, passing up love and family, then dying of old age and wishing to go back and change things!!!”

Live life every day to the fullest, embrace it, experience it…… hopefully with all those in your life that you love and especially with that one special person you love with all your heart!

But…..Do IT ALL !!


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