Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tue. July29th… Another day to run and a day to build! (We hope)

We will get ready to go and make a list of the materials we need to keep working on the barn after we get home from running and going to get Vick’s therapy today. We have an 11:30 appointment for today, so we will go a little early, stop at the bank, head for Vick's therapy at Guilderland and get that over with, hit a few other places and then head home to get the truck and go to GNH for 2x4’s to finish framing walls inside and the one gable end yet on the low roof. After that, we should be able to run walls, chicken wire, build doors, do plywood fillers overhead and get those chickens inside the barn where they are supposed to be. That will be a neat feat.

Egg production has fallen to about 5 to 10 (found) eggs a day for the last few weeks. We don’t know for sure, but suspect that they are laying them out in the woods, building a clutch to hatch. When the new chicken house in the barn is completed and the chickens are controlled as far as ranging, that should stop. Right now, we have close to or a little over 100 chickens and we should be able to gather more than 5 - 10 eggs a day. It won’t be long now and they will be in the new barn, so we’ll see. Here's pictures of where we stopped last night when we ran out of light and 2 x 4's.

The doors could be built anytime, but we're concentrating on getting chickens in the barn where they are supposed to be.

Here you can see where we have to close off above door and windows to the underside of  the roof and then the gable ends 

I'll start perlins on the roof and in a day, I should be done with that and the steel roofing. Then we need the seal strips at the top, the flashing on top of that and then cut plywood to close off the area between both roofs. (and add a window there on both sides for light and ventilation)

The pool is running clear and cool and we should be using it in the evening after building and getting all sweaty. A smart thing to do would be to jump in the shower and flush off, then go jump into the pool. What a heavenly thought and we could just lavish in there for a half hour or so until our body temperature stabilizes. That would be much better than sitting around feeling hot and sticky until your body temp drops and then going to the shower later before bed. Maybe we’ll try that and at least get some use out of the pool. After all, we just spent $100.00 on a new canister filter cartridge.

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