Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday, July 10th… Sunny, cool, could be a perfect day for some work!

Just caught hell for being lazy yesterday and today, so here's a blog!! (not really... he was just wondering what happened to us and the blog yesterday and so far today) I admit being lazy... but nothing interesting happened....really.... but here it is. Pictures coming now....I'm a loadin' em!!

Finally… we might have a day when we can work on the barn or build rabbit hutches. I don’t think we have to go anywhere today. Dr. Mike doesn’t have hours today, so we don’t have to go for Vicki’s spinal decompression appointment until tomorrow at 3:30 in the afternoon, so today is the day to catch up on everything we didn’t do because of the killing heat & humidity the last week.

We have a few pictures we snapped yesterday while running all over the Albany landscape, so we will load them on here for today.

One is of a power substation where there are huge banks of capacitors for power factor correction across the lines and what looks like a transformer for metering. This is interesting to me because I used to work with this kind of equipment but in a smaller version…..only 12.4 KV, (12,460 volts) rather than this huge stuff.

This is a huge sub-station for power distribution....

This is a potential transformer (PT) for a meter (I think) My old working friends can appreciate my interest in this stuff after a life of being around it. 

A huge capacitor bank used to balance the voltage across the 3 lines.

We did the appointment for Vicki’s back at 3:30, then went to some stores and a couple of flower places… ate dinner at Delmonico’s and then headed home.

Delmonico's Restaurant on Central Avenue (route 5) in Colonie, near Albany.

We saw a huge snake, which was run over, near our neighbors farm and since there is a pond directly next to where it met it’s deadly demise, I have to assume it was a huge water snake. Anyway, the fish in that pond have been spared any more predation from this guy.


A Good snake is a dead snake....(if it's in your yard!)

I guess I’ll clean the swimming pool filter again today…..hopefully, we will be caught up in the moment and end up in there! uuhhhhh... maybe not.... or we'll never get done. The pool is sparkling, clear and cool and constantly beckoning us...... We finally filtered all the crap out of the water trapped in there since last season when we closed it up. No matter how much you clean it up before closing it up for the season…… there always seems to be a multitude of crap you have to get out of the pool the next spring. Anyway… we are now in the maintainer mode and shouldn’t have to clean the filter again until the closing of the pool for the season.

This has been inviting the last few a bath tub!

Well. better get going… times a wastin’!!

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