Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saturday, July 5th… It’s over…onward summer, to fall, It's coming soon

With hint of light… when viewed just right…revels her form in dim moonlight,

great sense of smell… one whiff will tell… her fragrance sweet I’ve known so well,

I dream in expectation of… her tender touch… her endless love…her endless love,

for not exists within this heart… a chance another could impart ,

it’s contents sealed… with loving bliss… accessed…except my wife’s sweet kiss…

Have you ever loved someone so much that it gives you an empty feeling inside to be away from them… if you must go somewhere without them, you can’t wait to return… to at least be close enough that you can look easily and see them? Have you told your wife how good she looks and how sexy she is to you? Have you given her a little surprise lately… made her smile…made her laugh… encouraged her to do something she likes and told her how well she is at doing it?

Come On Guys!!!!! She’s your best friend! She knows things about you that no one else knows and will never tell anyone. She goes to bat for you when someone say’s something nasty about you! She dreams of you when you’re out of her sight. No Joke!

Do you want her to be as sexy and loving as she was when you first fell in love with her? The way to get her to be exactly like that again is really simple!!!! Just do it too!

Very Simply… treat her the way you did back then and she will positively treat you as she did then too…..only now….she even loves you more. Just give her a chance to show you dummy!

Vicki and I have been together ever since we met… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… continuously… and I don’t ever want that to change. She is my wife, my lover, my best friend and the smartest, most talented, sweet loving person ever to enter my life and I cherish her. Our love and relationship only gets better and better daily.

I hope you feel this way about your significant other, be it wife or husband.

Yesterday was a pleasure for you and your’s I hope. Today it’s back to the grind for some…… a weekend… a cushion for some before hitting the bricks again on Monday. Either way, it’s over… that is, of course, unless you are one of the many school kids just starting their summer break. You remember don’t you? The extremely long (but short) summer break between school years… the one that you couldn’t wait to start…then after a month…couldn’t wait to end and let you get back to school…friends…chatter in the halls…note passing…(now text messaging) and all the interesting stuff with friends you don’t see in the summer.

Well folks…Give it up! Let the kids do their thing. They are just like us… just a little behind us. They too don’t know what they want. Summer break….then want to go back to school. Us… we want summer…bitch about heat and wish for winter… bitch about cold and snow, then want summer. They’re just like us… only bitching about different things.

I’ve just started “rolling with the flow”… “take it as it comes”… it seems to make life enjoyable… less hectic. Do it today…or maybe tomorrow… or the next day. It won’t run off…or go away.

The One Thing You Must Do EVERY DAY is:

Love your spouse with all your heart and let them know you are very happy to spend you life with them and that you cherish their love in return!!

That’s the easiest job you’ll ever have to do! I Love IT!!!!!!!!!

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