Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday eve, July 28th… Got done with errands and did some barn!

We went Crossgates Commons today, stopped in Wal-Mart and grabbed a bag of Eight O’clock Coffee, then went to the other end of that mall and picked up the framing nails, the galvanized ring nails and staples, but the chicken wire was $30.00 cheaper in Cobleskill than any other place we priced it, so we went to Cobleskill and picked it up and headed home to get busy on the barn. Tomorrow, we need to pick up 8 foot 2x4’s somewhere if we are to do any framing of inside walls or the last gable end toward the pond, on the house side. We could do some of the chicken wire around the outside, but we need to frame in a door for the run area, because the only other opening is a little slide door for the chickens to go in and out of the barn. We could do plywood on the gables we have already framed in and I could do perlins on the roof and then put the steel roofing on so there would be less wetness inside the barn area. We also need to finish the upper area by putting the rubber seal strips down, then the flashing on top of that and then cut and fit plywood to close off the upper loft side area. Tomorrow is another day and I won’t have a chance to get started before we leave for Guilderland, so we’ll hit the barn as soon as we get home from there and picking up supplies.

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