Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday August 1st… Summer!!! better enjoy it Zzzzzips by Us!!

You only have until September 23rd to enjoy summer as it zooooms by us and Autumn replaces it on this date. How we long for the very thing that is passing us by at this very moment, then we’ll complain about the long winter that follows the autumn beauty of foliage, scarecrows and mums.

Today, we will work on main framing the barn walls in the chicken area, framing out for the doors and support structure needed for the installation of the chicken wire. We want to get the chickens into the new barn so we can find out if they have just quit laying eggs or if they are scattered all through the woods and field. Yesterday we got a total of 4 eggs, and as usual…….I dropped one on the counter and broke it! It has something to do with the numbness I have in my hands. I either crush the eggs when I pick them up or they slip out of my fingers. (you should see me try to get the butter out of one of those little pat containers in a restaurant)

Anyway…… we have barn work to do… therapy to go to… a couple errands to run… chicken, dog, duck, turkey & people food to get and bring back, so we’ll do whatever….in whatever order….however we can.

Here are a few more beautiful pictures of colorful flowers at the Heilmans "Country Flowers" perennial garden nursery along route 32 south of Feura Bush, near the State Police Barracks. Go see them... the mums are coming along....getting ready for that Autumn, scarecrow season!

Like I said! Better get ready to use one of these! It's a commin' at the speed of light! 

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