Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday August 29th… Overcast And drizzling for the holiday?

 The morning started as a drizzling, dreary day with a lot of cloud cover and it has been sprinkling and raining off and on ever since we returned from therapy in Guilderland. We have plenty of inside work we can complete on the front entry door with bracing and reinforcing strips, making the upstairs doors, both front & rear… studding out the rear bunny room and then framing out the feed room, where the bunnies are now, so we can do a lot of work inside, so let it rain. If the rain stops, we will manufacture and hang the rear entry door, thus closing off the entire bottom of the barn so we no longer need to worry about coyotes, weasels or foxes and such at night.

Well, the rain stopped and we did manufacture the rear door and got it hung and trimmed out. We then cut up the two 12 foot 2x6’s we used as a table for building the two 10 foot doors, and used them to trim out the entry door frames. Tomorrow we will move to the front loft doors and then the rear loft doors. When they are done. We will install the plywood between the loft and the office and possibly install the walk in door to the office we have in the tractor shed building.

Once that is completed……… we will move to the new bunny room add-on to the back side of the barn. Once completed, we will put the bunnies in there and start the feed room construction. Tonight, I’ll make a new lumber list for Ed Pooters, Jr. to start cutting, because we need some more 10” boards, and 4” boards for doors. We will also need more 2x4’s from GNH Lumber too.

After all this is completed, I need to come up with a lumber list for the Hospice House too.

This winter, I am going to concentrate on writing my short stories and poetry which I will add to the poetry I want to publish. There will be very little work all winter, except for writing and Vick’s artwork for the Hospice House.

Here is todays pictures of everything from Therapy to barnbuilding.  ENJOY!

How the front looked when we started this morning.

Our favorite Chinese restaurant

Ichiban Restaurant on route 20 in Westmere

Photo taken on LaGrange Road

Looking out the rear door opening this morning

Looking from the rear of the barn toward the house this morning.

This is the banister around the loft steps and the door frame to the office.

A bird much like Percy was. Vick won't get close to her though.

How thr rear door looked when completed.

Tomorrow there should be double doors upstairs too.

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