Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday August 25th… Rainy and overcast but we can work inside!!!!

We needn’t worry about the weather any longer because we can work on the barn from the inside now. There are a few more panels of plywood we can put on the gable end or possibly hang the main entry door tracks, but for the most part, the outside work is completed. We are now weather proof in the barn. I think we can even install the windows in the loft from the inside. We will start to work on the doors this week as we can, because as I’ve mentioned before, tomorrow we will be in New Jersey for a memorial service for Lenny Jankowski, husband of one of Vicki’s close friends. Then Vicki will be concluding her Spinal Decompression Therapy with Dr. Pastor this week too. Therefore, next week will be back to normal, Well, as normal as it used to be before Vick hurt her back and we will be here everyday to start in the mornings instead of the evenings. The next thing we’re going to do that has changed since the original planning of the barn is to expand it already………… out the back side with a room about 8’ x 12’ to house the bunnies. I can do this right off of the back side of the barn and then be able to build wall pens to save room. We will need to pick up a few more windows so there is good ventilation in there, but it will be so much easier to clean and care for them this winter than having them outside. We’ll let you know what the room will look like later……….. In the meantime, we will be more concerned about finishing doors and the feed room first.

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