Sunday, August 17, 2008

We're trying to get back to normal as fast as possible

Hi everyone......... We still are being held hostage by the Anti-Virus 2008 invader that stopped us dead in our tracks yesterday or the day before.........(I don't know...I've gone crazy and lost track of time sitting here) I threatened, cursed, pissed and moaned about this stinking virus until I finally found a niche I could get a finger into that let me finally access our pictures and files. I am now downloading them unto a 160 GB hard drive for permanent storage. I already had a bunch of things on 4 GB SD cards, but you even fill those too quick when you have the extent of data and pictures we keep. We finally got a good guy in the radio shack in Glenmont that got us into the 160 GB external hard drive, which we can pull data from or store in a safe place for. anyway, after pulling my hair out and contemplating tracking this bastard, virus designer, crook down and assassinating him with a tablespoon, as I was looking and looking, I finally got to where I could start the windows program in *Safe Mode*, After that, I could access some things and not others. I then found that this damned virus took over one of the anti-virus programs and masked itself within it. By doing so, masked as BitDefender, it got by SpyHunter, SpywareNuker, Virus Hunter, AntiSpywareBot and Regclean.....not to mention a couple more We use. I am now trying to delete it, but it has a toe hold somewhere yet, because it won't let me dump it. Stay tuned as I blog from Vick's computer in between downloads on mine.

We got 12 new laying chickens and yesterday got 8 eggs from them. There's like 45 Chickens in the old henhouse and 66 in the new barn chicken house. Boy, someday this fall when the new , young chickens all start to lay, we're gonna have eggs to sell!! Yowl......

We're gonna take a break from computer land today and go to Hudson Tractor Supply and get the door track, rollers and accessories for the front and rear entry doors today. When they are put on, the rail roof finished and the upper doors made and installed, then the Dutch door at the donkey stalls built and installed, it's gonna look pretty sharp! Keep watching.   

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