Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday Eve, August 20th… Barn is looking better & better!!!

We went to therapy this morning at 11:30 and got home around 4:00 this afternoon. We went to Genmont, after therapy to the Radio Shack in the K-Mart mall where we returned the blue tooth head set Vick got there on the 16th. It wouldn’t work with the iPhone, so we returned it and went to the AT&T store by Lowes and got a new iPhone headset. It was the cheapest way to o anyway at $29.95, which an expensive lesson for me. CHECK PANTS POCKETS BEFORE WASHING THEM.

On the way to therapy this morning, we took some pictures of the Couchtry Homestead just outside of Voorheesville. The sign reads: The Couchtry Homestead. Family owned since 1774. This building built by John Couchtry Jr. c. 1785. Used as a woodshop. Original Integrity Intact. It is a really nice historical site with mossy roof shingles and the old sway back roof. Looks rather quaint and cozy.

When we got home, we went directly to work on the barn. We knew we had enough time to finish the front, side nearest the house and maybe start the weather roof on the road side. We did just that, and would have finished if we didn’t have to stop to answer a phone call and fill out a couple of forms to mail out tomorrow morning. Check out the pictures of the angled roof over the front entry of the barn. We will also build one in the rear over the door there too. Tomorrow we will work on the barn until Vick's parents pull in sometime in the afternoon. We will take them out to eat and see the Price Chopper in the Slingerlands. It' quite a store. I also can't wait for joe to see the GPS in operation along the way. He will be astounded.

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