Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wed. Eve, August 13th… Chicken coup STILL not ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we finished the wire on the outside….the door….. the windows…… the little cracks up near the ceiling where a weasel could squeeze in and then placed plywood above the feed room where the birds could get out or the critters could get in. We were tickled……..ready to transfer chickens even though we needed to build a few roost poles and make a few nesting boxes, then it happened………We saw all the openings between the roof rafters which gave critters a direct entrance to the outside run area. We decided to abort once more and finish everything tomorrow morning. (no therapy on Thursdays) We will get it done tomorrow and I’ll build hinged roost poles outside that will hold about 50 chickens and hinge up out of the way for cleaning.

Here are a few pictures of the goodies and the barn where we quit today.


We are somewhat baffled over the incubator and the 17 eggs. Only one good one and it died????????? Where are these little guys? What happened????? We know for a fact that all the eggs were fertilized by a male.....actually many males.......We just do not know what is happening or why! Maybe tomorrow will being a change.......... maybe not.

Yesterday was a neat day for the trinket person in Vick and I…… She bought a laptop computer so she could do the Hospice & Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm business while we are upstairs, because we bought a Netgear wireless router for that. She also bought a Brother fax / phone to replace the one she used for her work in Jersey. This baby is SWEET!!! Very user friendly!!! Then, a toy that truly enchants me to the MAX!! We bought an AMCOR Global Positioning Unit (GPU) for traveling because Linens-N-Things had them @ 60% off, which came up to $79.95 plus tax. I am amazed at this little unit. We set it up and used it going to therapy today and is it COOL!! It tells you where to turn and when. And if you don’t like the route it chooses, just start out the way you want and it will say “Off Route!” then, “Do you want me to re-calculate?” and it changes and starts where you are then. I’ll never have to worry again and have my face stuffed into maps to see where we’re going. All I have to do is plug in the destination and drive……turn where it says…… and relax. It tells you your turn is coming up in ½ a mile, left or right, then at ¼ mile, then around 500 feet. It was worth the full original price, let alone $80.00!!!

The unit is a little bigger than a pack of cigarettes, but will fit a shirt pocket.

The GPS unit talks to you and tells you where to turn & When.  SWEET!!

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