Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Evening…Aug. 27th… rear door rail hung. Tomorrow the front!

We got the rear door, hanging rail for the ten foot entry door, mounted across the door opening. Tomorrow we will hang the front rail and start the construction of the entry doors which will close off the bottom of the barn like it should be. Today we hung the rail, installed the two final loft windows and the office window. We placed the rail boards around the loft stairs and it looks pretty darned good. Once we finish the lower doors and move to the double, upper doors on each end and complete them, we will be ready to build in the upstairs wall that will separate the office from the hay loft. The frame work studs and door frame are already there, but we need to install the plywood and door to the office yet. We have all the 2x6’s for the feed room floor and ceiling out in the wood pile at Fort Apache. They are the rafters we reclaimed from the upstairs expansion project last year. We will have a solid plywood room with a tight door on it so no little rodents can help their selves to any of the feed stored there. We will place the refrigerator some where near this or in the feed room to keep the eggs out there so we don’t have a million eggs in our refrigerator in the house. We are now playing Mozart on a radio for the chickens in the new barn. (trying to increase their cultural menu a little to stimulate egg production by giving them a happy, safe and pleasant atmosphere. Perhaps next week we will take them to the Opera.)

Today……… we dropped my computer tower off at the Staples Store while we were picking up another new laptop for Vick. This is the third one now, because the first two were defective. They are going to remove the Anti-Virus 2008 Virus that found it’s way into my computer. It will take about three days to completely search and destroy this virus without destroying all my other files, and will cost us about $90.00 to do so. At least when it is done, I should be able to run the web sites again without any trouble.

If you ever get a notice on your screen that you have a virus and buying Anti-Virus 2008 will remove it for $49.95.……don’t do it!!!!! Shut it off and take it to Staples for them to remove it. If you buy their program, they will empty your bank account and max out your credit card. They will steal your identity and do all kinds of dastardly, underhanded, financial stuff to you and since they are from another country, there is nothing you can do.

On the way to therapy this morning, be past by Barbie & Boobies garden and they were like the famous farmer and wife Picture…. (you know…… it‘s known as “American Gothic“ by Grant Woods which appeared in the Washington Post, he’s holding the pitch fork and she is standing beside him.) OOOOOoh……just look at it….we snapped a picture for you to see. It's just like the spoof picture we use daily for our blog of the farmer & his wife.

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