Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Eve, Aug 4th… Not much to blog about and no pictures from the couch.

Today was a recoup day for me. My back hurts and my left knee sustained a slight sprain or strain from the fall off of the collapsing ladder yesterday, so when we got home from Vicki’s therapy, I sacked on the couch and watched TV all afternoon. Just before dark, I limped out to the Deere and mowed a little bit which, I think helped my back loosen up a great deal. I now can stand and bend better, but the knee is still an issue (always has been) Tomorrow, I think I will be back to usual and I’ll wear the knee supports all day long and when we return from therapy, I’ll be ready to hit the barn again and get crackin’ out there.

Gonna make it an early night so Vick can paint. I’ll sack and watch TV in bed. Nightie Night!!

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