Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wed. Aug. 6th… had a late start and running in circles……

Had a really late start this morning and was pressed for time as we had to get to Guilderland by 11:30.……which means leaving by 10:30.… and was on the phone fighting with State Farm about their stupid, antiquated, turn of the century insurance program which I am now tied into and cannot get away from due to my paid up life insurance policy that is paying dividends, which keeps me from dumping them and going to another state of the art company. Their agents cannot help you with on-line problems or getting you set up for on-line payments, because they can’t access your account, know nothing about on-line payments and can’t find the information, even if they did want to help you. Instead, you call the on-line people and they tell you to see your agent for help. “THE ENDLESS CIRCLE JERK!!” as I see it!! We now are home from the therapy session in Guilderland and I still have to call again for the information to get it resolved…..”THE NEVER ENDING STORY”!!!!!!

After getting this resolved, we think we are going to put the plywood on the top (other side) of the barn and install the hayloft windows today. Then if there is light left, start building the downstairs walls for the chicken coop area. Pictures and story at 11:00

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