Monday, August 18, 2008

Tuesday Evening, August 19th... Still recovering from the virus Bastard!!!

Another day passes as we recover from the dork that injects havoc on the lives of innocent people just doing what they have to do just to get by. I know the extent of the devastation thrust upon us and we don’t even need the computer to conduct business like some people needing to make a living. I tried to imagine today, what it would be like to come to your place of business in the morning, unlock and open your doors for business, and the first time you try to use the computer to conduct a transaction, you find that you have been violated during the night. Everything you need is gone and your business computer is held hostage as the culprits try to force you into submission, where you will buy their lousy product, just to get them off of your back. You agree to buy their product…….pay for it with your credit card and download their program. Now, you’ve really done it!!!!!!!! Nothing works and the computer locks up. Before you can react to the initial attack, your bank account is emptied and your credit card is maxed out. Now bills start to show up from all over the pace for everything under the sun. Then you find your bank account is empty. Again, bills start showing up from different credit card companies. You have 20 or more credit cards now. Someone has stolen your identity and are opening accounts and getting credit cards from everywhere. You’re ruined. Does the better business bureau even care what these low life’s are doing to us? Everything is traceable…. They can catch anyone they want……if they want. These guys should be caught, locked up, tried and convicted to spend as many day as possible working to pay you back for all you lost. There is not one organization that will go out of their way to help you or try to get the perpetrator that stole you blind.

On the way to Guilderland today, we encountered Barbie and Boobie in the garden trying to get the burrow to pull the cart out of the garden. Barbie has the reigns……Boobie is trying to coach the burrow with a huge carrot. Cute Idea!

Everyday we see the inevitable approaching faster and faster. Look at the area maple trees………Most have changing leaf colors….. A true testament that fall is knocking at our door daily.


I guess I better get cracking with the barn so we get it done.. Especially before fall really gets here!

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