Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Eve, August 10th… Removed egg turner, Installed wire!!

Today when I got up, I let the dogs out and then the other critters and made coffee, ate some toast with jam and then sat for awhile. After getting our engines revved up to start… First I went to the basement and removed the egg turner...very carefully.......and replaced the eggs on the screen and put the top back on the incubator. Now in three more days they are to hatch out and we should have 17 duckies!!!! We'll see.............. 

After that, we went to the barn and closed in the gable end where the chickens would be. from there, we went inside because they were calling for a hellacious thunderstorm with dangerous cloud to ground lightning and were suggesting everyone seek shelter in a building with wiring and plumbing which would act as a grounding device should it be struck with lightning. We stayed in for an hour and once the storm passed and it was all but done raining, we went back out and closed off a gable section where the chicken house will end and the feed room will be so there won’t be chicken dirt all over the top of the feed room. We then placed chicken wire on the openings between the roof joists and gusset supports to keep chickens in and birds or predators out. We will hang hinged plywood louvers on the outside area for open or closed ventilation.

Tomorrow, we may not get much done, because we must go to therapy in the AM and will return around 2:00 and then Vick’s parents are bringing Audrey & Alfredo over to see the farm. They have never seen our home, the dogs, the critters and barn yet, and they want to see it all. We will have sausage, peppers & Onions along with steaks and some other stuff…on the grill if weather permits…if not, in the house. It will be a pleasant break. Maybe someone will swim or just sit and talk.

Here are a few pictures of the barn today. It looks better and better all the time.


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