Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Evening… August 30th… Summers almost OVER!!

Saturday Evening… August 30th… Summers almost OVER!!

This is it….the last hoorah for the summer… after Sunday… Monday starts September and we all know September is the little nasty month that always comes around, kinda like the little bashful kid that looks at his feet and shuffles around, twisting from side to side, saying “I know a secret… ya wanta know what it is..? Fall is coming already and winter is right on it’s heels!” Then you want to kick the crap out of him because you didn’t really want to know his secret, once you heard it.

That’s right folks…… Fall is out there every night… peeking at your windows…… coming in every open crack or window it finds… slapping at you if you go outside too early in the morning, before the sun makes it go away until the next evening. The leaves are turning, which is a sure sign that fall has visited that tree, telling it that it has had it’s summer of swaying in the breeze and being a nice green shade maker……… now it is time to pay the fiddler and informs it that it better cast off the dull green and display a fancy bright fall color for the remainder of it’s life…… one that we will enjoy and relish for the next several weeks as fall visits every tree around, causing them all to join in the display , like a school choir, all joining in…ringing in the fall season with their display of vibrant reds, yellows and oranges. And then it is over…… as quickly as it began, it will be over……… for there will be a rainy day when all the leaves join together and fall to the ground and the bitter cold wind will drive the rain as the wind blows it sideways against your window panes……… tapping like a finger…… tap, tap, tap… winters on it’s way… winters on it’s way… let me in... let me in...... and it will be here before we can blink. Oh how the days do flash by us…… sometimes at the speed of light…… sometimes like the lumbering gait of a turtle…… it all depends on what is happening at the time, but time does go on and waits for no one. Beautiful leaves one day, a cold, rainy breeze the next and snow flurries the day after. It all happens so fast.

We just went to Gem Stoves today and picked up a ton of wood pellets. We will probably keep an eye on his supply and grab another ton as soon as we can, because the cost of everything this winter is going to be outrageous.

We finished the front door today on the barn......You know........added the batten boards to the cracks and the top trim. We also moved the latch hooks to the inside of the rear door so no one could slip into the barn from the rear at night. Somehow, I feel more secure knowing that you must enter the barn from the front to unlock the donkey door or the rear door. We should batten the rear door outside and get ready to start the upstairs door next. We’ll see.

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