Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Evening, August 24th… finished the roof and wall and started doing the Gable end……

We finished the little overhang roof around the entryway under the office on the barn today and then went to the loft area where we closed off the wall between the two roofs. We also nailed the three banister posts into the loft stairway area. All we need to do there now is install the lag bolts to securely hold the banister posts and add the three rails boards and that will be done. We also have two windows to cut in up in the loft. They are marked to cut tomorrow, along with finishing the gable end, which will be a snap. Then it’s on to the doors. The first one will be the Dutch door leading out the side into the pasture area. Then we will start the two 10 foot entryway doors, front and rear.

My cousin Bonnie from Mississippi will be visiting with us on the 15th of September. It’s the first I’ve seen her since about 1997 or so and I can hardly wait to see her again and introduce her to Vick. I hope she can say for awhile so we can show her around and talk over old times. Tomorrow, we have therapy and Tuesday a trip to Jersey for a celebration of life for the recently departed husband of Lillian, one of Vicki’s dear friends. Lenny, Lillian’s husband, lost a long battle with Cancer just recently and we will be at the celebration of his life to pay our respect and support Lillian.

Here are a few pictures of today’s progress.

Again, the Hospice House will be built in this opening.

We'll build a 15 by 18 or 20 foot board & Batten building here.


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