Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday, August 20th... Playing lost and go seek yet!!!

We are still lost and searching for ourselves. We just don't know where to look. I asked Vicki what we are going to do if we come back and no one is here because we're out looking for us. This could really get confusing......I think.

Seriously, we are trying to get the web page data manually fed back into the computer so we can update the site. At this point, the html is not there, so I have to rewrite it all back to the program so it can be updated. All the files were lost when we were hijacked. The longer this goes, the more I'm in favor of the death penalty for cookie theives. It certainly sheds a new light on the seriousness of these bastards and what they do to unsuspecting people on the internet. Look what it has done to us and we have three virus programs, 2 spyware programs, what you get through AOL's program and use regclean too, and still it got through.......past me also as I was working on the computer when it hit (I think). Nothing else seems to help us during this time of confussion an example of this, I am posting this blog from Vick's computer, because AOL won't open on mine. I'll need to go in there and manually shut it down and restart it whehn I find out where to do it. (Vick has it written down somewhere)

Anyway, please bear with us as we try to get back to normal. We are trying to get more pictures to post, but I forget the camera as I am always thinking of what I need to do next, or I may carry the camera and since I'm in deep thought I forget to take any pictures. Yesterday we went to the Washington County Fair for a break and I took the camera (SLR) and Vicki had her point and shoot and after walking a half mile from the car, we realized we didn't have either camera to take pictures. ( we locked Vick's pocketbook in the car. That's where the point & Shoot was with the SLRnext to her pocketbook) We'll try to do better. The biggest problem is trying to get all the computers capable of doing the same work. I can edit the webpage where the program is. My computer has it and Vick's does not. (They set sise by side......who'd think her's should have the program? Ours are XP. The laptop is Vista. Need I say more? Like I said, Please Bear With US. This will be resolved in a little bit and we'll try harder to do better.

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