Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thurs. Eve Aug. 7th… More wood…More wood….More wood…

MORE WOOD!!! We just got back from Lowe’s about an hour ago with a trailer load of plywood and 2x4’s…… and we called Ed Pooter’s this afternoon and ordered more board & Batten materials too! (We now have 75 acres of prime pine stacked, braided, then nailed together and we’re calling it our barn!!

On top of the 75 acres of prime pines we already had……we just returned with 30 more sheets of plywood and 40 more 2x4’s…….just to stay busy and finish the inside of the barn. This will also allow us to finish then top section of the barn on the road side and the gable ends toward the pond……and finally……the long hinged ventilation doors up under the lower roof which will allow a complete cross-flow of air in the downstairs barn area. We will be able to open these hinged panels in the spring and leave them open all through summer into the fall, when we will drop them down and latch them shut for winter. We want to get the feed room finished so we can have the feed right there where the chickens will be, so it will be really easy to feed and water all the animals in the barn. Tomorrow, we have therapy again, so we’ll not get anything done out there in the morning, but when we return home from therapy and lunch, we’ll hit it hard again and we’ll have the materials to do it now. Here’s a few pictures of our work today.

This whole closed in section is the new hen house.

The open hole will have chicken wire over it for ventilation.

Wow! thirty sheets is a bunch of plywood!

Looking into the hen house from the rear entry way of the barn.

Whew...Wonder who the dumb shit was that invented 4x8 sheets?

Uh-Oh.....could be the cops.....caught red handed? Think!! Think!! quick!

Honest officer...she said she paid for all this plywood!

The Pond As seen from the front porch of the house.

The ducks are a swimmin'


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