Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thurs. Eve, August 21st… Bunnies, bunnies, everywhere More bunnies!!!!

We worked on the bunny cage for the two males this morning and had to make a couple of thunder runs to the Agway store for a water bottle, wire clips some chicken maintainer feed and a salt ring. We also bought a door spring for the outside run door, so it would pull shut when you go in with your hands full. You can then easily hook the latch. Before, you needed one hand to hold the door shut and another to hook the latch. Upon putting the two “Buck” rabbits into the new cage, which allowed the female, Fuzzy, to tend her young and Gracie, to get ready to deliver, we were surprised to find George mounting Wuzzy………uh-oh, perhaps Wuzzy wasn't really wuzzy was he? I mean, maybe we didn’t see what we thought we saw at the bunny lady's place in Earlton!!!! I’m sure if this little boy impersonator wasn’t pregnant before, she will be pulling fur in four weeks. We just gave up and got the chicken crate out and put the “real Buck, George ” in it and let the “Wuzzy lady” stay in the new crate. Vick went back to Agway again to get another water bottle, feed pan and salt ring. Now we might as well make another crate pen for the buck so we can have our chicken crate back and then make another community crate for the juvenile bunnies when they are big enough to leave their mommy.

This is George

George in a different light, but he is the only dark gray or brown we have.

Fuzzy, the first Mom

This is Gracie, Georges original mate

George behind, Gracie below, Wuzzy is the white albino on top and Fuzzy is in with her litter

Wuzzy the impersonator

Joe & Anita, Vick’s parents pulled in around 3:30 and after checking out the barn, the bunnies, the new chicken house and such, we left for the Slingerlands, to find the Price Chopper at Bethlehem, in the mall. We ate at Ben & Billy’s Deli and bought some really good stuff from there. They have all the things we were able to get in Jersey or New York City, but can’t find here anywhere else. Dr. Paster, Vick’s Chiropractor doing the spinal decompression therapy, told us about the deli there and suggested we try it. Glad we did.

While we were gone, Gracie gave birth to some more bunnies. One was stillborn or was born out of the nest and died. I didn’t look to see how many she had. I’ll look tomorrow when there is good light out there. Besides they were sleeping and uncomfortable with me poking around in the nest area and we're not supposed to bother them for at least the first five days so the mother won't react negatively. 

Here is the occupied hen house full of extremely happy chickens.

 We need to install some more roost poles in here somewhere to accomadate all the chickens. The square box is a tunnel for the Bantams. They like to hide inside or behind something. This winter, I'll build a heat lamp in the end and give them a heated tunnel since the tempeature below 45 is hard on them.

 Above and below, you see high roosters...... The Guniea fowl and Bantams usually like to roost as high as they can get. You can't get much higher than the roof.

Stay tuned tomorrow after we return from therapy. We'll be hitting the barn hard until dark. Till then,  BYE!!!!

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