Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday…Aug 8th… Dad gets married on his Birthday!! How exciting!!!

Today is my fathers 81st Birthday and he is getting married to Rose today. What an ideal birthday present….someone to hold and love with all your heart, to replace those lonely days since my mother died of cancer in 2002. I’m extremely glad he has found Rose and they get along so good and that he can now return to being a husband again. Long may they live in health, happiness and ever growing love. Congratulations Dad! You deserve it!!!!! Unfortunately, he lives in a nursing home in central Pennsylvania which is about seven and a half hours away and we cannot make that kind of a trip with Vicki being in spinal decompression therapy, the animals being closed in on a hot day and the dogs locked in the house for 20 to 24 hours, even with air conditioning..

Today is another finish the barn day, so we will strive to finish the chicken coop to get them in there and settled into their new surroundings. We will be able to feed the bunnies and chickens inside the barn, then go to the old hen house where the established layers will hopefully return to laying eggs every day. Since we have turned the young birds in the brooding house loose to free range and we've had such hot days and it has become more crowded in the henhouse as the new birds continue to choose roosting in there rather than the brooding house, the old hens have quit laying. Yesterday, we got 2 eggs. The old don’t lay, the juveniles don’t lay and of course the young ones can’t lay yet, so we went from 11 to 12 eggs a day, all the way to 1 to 4. We are going to change a few things to see if we can boost their desire to start laying again. Stay tuned.

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