Friday, August 22, 2008

Good morning from the Cluckin' A Critter Farm!

Good Morning!  All is well here this morning, with all the critters except the incorrigible "rat pack" of six Indian Runners. I leave them in the duck run to spend their day, because as soon as we let them go, they hit the Pupskill Bay Lake and stay either there or near it. Then at night, they get scared, because they stay out too late and they hide in the weeds at the far end of the pond and you have to go out there and wade in the slop and weeds to get them to come home in the flashlight beam. Without a flashlight beam to follow, they will not come home. I find I like them far more when I don't have to wade in tick infested weed after dark, so they stay in the enclosed duck run all day. The Bunnies are doing ok. I peeked quickly when I opened the lid to feed Fuzzy and Gracie, but I don't mess with the nest. I did put a little more fuzz over Fuzzy's nest as it was open and I couls see two bare bunnies. Anyway, all critters are doing fine and we're going to leave for therapy and Glenmont to return the laptop. (which we hate) The new Vista program really sucks and I dread thinking I will someday need to go to that when my XP machines die. (one of which might have already did that TOO)

As I said late last night, check us out this evening, because we are going to try to finish the metal roof sections around the office push-out area and whatever else we could do. We will get pictures before dark if we remember........but neither of us can remember very much anymore. ( at least it seems we can't remember much) We find it dark enough to put the animals away and until that's done, it's really dark and we say........uh-oh, we forgot to take pictures. That's why you get so many pictures after dark, when it's hard to get good ones. Anyway, until then.......have a nice day!


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