Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday Eve, August 9th… A sad, slow start to a regular day….

Today with the passing of Pricilla the little Bantam sweetie, neither Vicki nor I felt like givin’ er’ the ol’ Ummpa starter today…Vick because she was in love with the little gray chick and me because I knew how she felt, which made me sad because I couldn’t do anything for her. I buried Perci behind the Wilson House, like I said, then came in and just sat at the kitchen table and drank my coffee. I then went upstairs with Vick. We finally got around to moving about 12:00 noon because we were both hungry, so we went to Green Hill Café for lunch. While there, we ran into Jeff Brush, our contractor friend who was working in the area. One of his guys that was working with him has 250 layer chickens he needs to get rid of because he has to move. We will go over to Rensselaerville some evening with our 3’x4’ chicken crate after dark and he will pack about 20 chickens in the crate for us. He said we could get as many as we wanted, so again, I guess we were meant to lollygag around until that time before going to eat for that reason. He also has Guinea hens, Peacocks and other exotic chickens also, so it could be interesting. 

We came home and worked on the barn cutting board and batten for around the chicken outside run area. We stopped around 4:30 to clean up and change clothes to be ready to meet Stanley Maltzman and Joyce at Johnny-Be-Good restaurant on the mountain along route 23 going to Windham. We had an extremely expensive haddock & Scallop meal and then came home to finish the board and batten we started. Tomorrow, we’re ready to finish the gable ends and install chicken wire everywhere that it is needed to close off the hen house. Then we’ll add some roost poles…… some nesting boxes and we are ready to transfer the chickens to the new barn. After that, we’ll start on the feed room and then make doors. We need our boards from Ed Pooters, Jr. before we can do that, so we’ll have some time to build the feed room and install chicken wire while he’s cutting out boards & baton’s for us. Here are some pictures from today.

Where we stopped at 4:30 to go to dinner.

Finished at dark.

Even have a door installed

This is a large chicken run area.

Three Barred Plymouth Rocks and a Bantam in the tree roosting every night.

We have to carry them to the brooding house and put them away.

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