Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tues Aug. 9th… Insurance…… a purchased pain in the ……Anyway…

Good morning to everyone from the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm. I am glad to report that I am again functioning with the same old aches and pains present before the ladder ride of two days ago. That means we will, again, be working on the barn with the added vim & vigor of a teenager, trapped, in a decrepit old body that moves about a day slower than the mind. In any event, we will be closing in the gable ends and trying to get the chicken wire applied so we can then, do inside walls and get these chickens into their new and permanent home. We feel that the egg production will definitely be increased when we get them into the barn and overcrowding is no longer a problem. There is plenty of room in the old hen house, with plenty of nesting boxes, but the old chickens are accustomed to more room and the new ones aren’t settled in just yet, so we are not getting any egg production, appreciable of the 30+ chickens capable of laying eggs. (at least I don’t think so) I do however think that egg production will flourish when they are in their new abode.

I’ve spent the entire morning trying to get hold of State Farm Insurance. (They are the dumbest, most ancient, computer illiterate, insurance company in existence,known to man) I have been paying my life insurance and camper insurance on-line for years and when I moved to New York, I didn’t bother to register or license my camping trailer in New York, because we were not going to pull it anywhere after getting it here from Pa anyway, so when the Pa registration ran out, I didn’t renew it knowing that I would have to renew in New York when we wanted to use the camper again anyway. I did however want to keep the insurance on it in case something happened to it while sitting here at home. Well…… might as well try to find a gold coin in a wheat field!!!!! They are impossible. The agent can’t see anything that’s on line, so they can’t help you and if you become late with a payment because they can’t help you, then you can’t pay on-line until you are paid up! Now how in the hell can anyone run a business this way. I said Please go on-line and look at this payment number (theirs which they assigned me) but the New York agent can’t see it because the Pa agent has my records…… and for three or four months, the New York agent has been trying????? to get my records transferred. (I even called the Pa agent and begged for them to transfer the records, but he said he doesn’t know how to transfer on-line payment plans. Can You BELIEVE this???? If I didn’t have to worry about losing my life insurance policy which is paid up and accruing dividends that are rolling over……… and the fact that I had two heart attacks previously……I would change insurance companies!! What idiots!! This is ridiculously funny after talking to them………And so,  on we plod...... day after day....... trying to change what no man (and now, obviously, what no woman) can ever change. I cannot believe it!!!!!

We are going to take off shortly for the therapy session this morning and then return to do the barn building which we are now a day behind on, so look for some pictures this evening.

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