Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tues. Eve, August 12th… Duckies are hatching… Well, one anyway!!

We did the therapy thingie this morning, then went to Ichiban’s for lunch……where else can two people go for lunch, get a main, fried rice, the little dough thingie with sour crème a drink and come out of there under twenty bucks with the 20% tip? I mean really????? and We’re full. It is really the greatest bang for the buck going today as far as a lunch special. It’s great!! After leaving there, we went to Colonie Mall and then across central Avenue to the Northway Mall to find the Linens-N-Things store that is closing. Vick wanted to check for Queen sized sheet sets, but there were none there anymore. We did get a GPS system at a really good price. (60% off) The amount of traveling we do, we need one. We’re always taking off looking for something, somewhere, and we never worry about how far it is if it’s somewhere we want to go, so this thing will be a welcome change from reading maps and the fact that it talks to you and tells you it’s time to turn is a neat feature because we are always yakking at one another and sometimes miss our turn. Nevermore with Marco Polo (as I’ve named this little baby)

Next, we headed for the Glenmont Wal-Mart, but stopped at the Staples next door to Lowe’s first. Our fax machine is not working, so Vick wanted to fax some Hospice papers to the IRS and she thought if she could fax them from the Staples store, that would tell us our fax is shot, because she tried to fax them from home for two days and they would not go. In fact, the fax machine wouldn’t even list the phone number beyond the 518 exchange. All this taken into consideration, we decided to buy a new fax machine and got one that has an answering machine in it, so it will definitely not have issues with phone/fax recognition anymore. The one we bought has wireless capabilities, so we bought a wireless router to replace the one we now use and Vicki bought an HP laptop which will allow her to do computer work from upstairs, wireless, or on the pool deck or where ever. Since starting Natures Friend’s of Hospice, Inc. from the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm, which is now also listed as a d.b.a. in Catskill, as a registered business, we can do a lot of computer work where ever we need to be instead of being trapped in the downstairs computer room.

Vicki cut chicken wire this evening and I installed it inthe three of 5 openings outside the chicken house in the new barn. Tomorrow, we will definitely have everything ready to start nesting boxes and roosts for the chickens.

NOW!! FOR THE LATEST NEWS!!!!!!! We had one duckie hatch out in the incubator this evening and another 16 eggs in there with it. We cannot tell just yet what kind of duckie it is, other than precious and cute, but when it dries completely and we remove it from the incubator to the Styrofoam cooler with a heat lamp, we may then know. Vick says it looks kinda brown…… Maybe one from our kaki Campbell. Who knows just yet. Check his picture!!!


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