Thursday, August 7, 2008

Today…Thurs. Aug. 7th… One day before my Father Marries !!!

Tomorrow will be a big day in my father’s world…. he is getting married to a lady in the nursing home where he now resides. We lost my mom in 2002 and he has been alone since. Several months ago, he came down with Pneumonia and ended up in the hospital for almost a month, then was transferred to the home where he now lives. He loves it there, is no longer alone, met this nice lady and tomorrow is getting married. (kinda…) The home supplies everything and they think they are getting married, but that’s the last thing a money hungry home wants (because they will lose money when S.S. benefits for the lady would change), so they stage a mock wedding with papers, preacher and everything…..even a reception afterward in the dining room. I’m happy for him and the lady both, because no one should have to be alone and should have someone to hold and love. I hope they both live to be 100 together. (Dad is 81 tomorrow. She is close to the same)

Unfortunately we cannot be there……the 7+ hour drive is too much for Vicki just yet with her back and we have more therapy sessions scheduled right through August yet, so I told him we couldn’t make it. He was ok with that, because Rose, his intended to be wife of tomorrow, has sciatica also and has the same problems sitting, walking and sleeping Vicki has, so he understands.

Congratulations Dad and Rose…..May you live happily, long, healthy and always remain in each others loving arms.

Today we are going to cut in a window on the second floor of the barn and see what we have left in the way of plywood. Vicki wants to finish the new chicken coop so we can get the chickens inside there like they are going to be. Maybe we should use the remaining plywood to close off the inside and one gable end to see if we can get it done……… we can buy more plywood for upstairs, on the outside, later, just as easy as buying it for the chickens coop. So……..we will dive into finishing the chicken area, put up chicken wire to close everything off and get the birds in there ASAP. There’s a nice breeze, so we might as well get started and work on it. Maybe Vick’s parents are coming to spend the day and if so, we will take them somewhere nice for a late lunch. But we’ll work on the barn until we stop to do something else.

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