Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday, August 10th… Today re remove the egg turner!!!!

As you may have recalled from the above opening statement, about 25 days ago we placed 17 duck eggs into our incubator to hatch the little fella’s. Well, today is the day we are to remove the automatic egg turner and place the eggs back into the incubator for the next three days when they should then hatch. You are supposed to remove the egg turner so they don’t move for the last three days, which will be used by the ducks to orientate and position themselves for hatching. We will keep a constant watch on them the next 3 - 5 days and remove any hatched duckies to the Styrofoam cooler where there will be a heat lamp, water and duckie starter mash. It should be interesting.

Today we are going to start the installation of the two gable ends on the barn (back side) and then after that, the chicken wire screen over the outside area, the inside window area and the upper ventilation openings. Once this is completed, we can move the new hens over to the new barn and close off the brooding house to be used for just that. Brooding hatches of new ducks and peeps. Once the Hens are over in the new chicken house area of the barn, we can then close in the remainder of the barn, install the posts upstairs and the railing around the loft stairs, then buy and install the metal stable gates downstairs, the side door and the two large entry sliding doors (front & rear).

Tomorrow sometime, Audrey, Alfredo and Vick’s parents are supposed to come over for a visit to see the house and grounds. They have never seen our home and the farm or animals and have been looking forward to visiting us since we met them a couple years ago at Vicki’s parent’s house. We’re glad everything finally worked out for them to be able to come and visit.

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