Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Eve, August 23rd… Got the little roof almost done.

We worked on the little weather roof around the pushout office area today and almost got it completed. We have to put one final section on and the caps down the angles corners and then the flashing at the top, then it’s done. Vick was the ground crew today and I was the ladder man. She handed the metal pieces up, gave me the battery drill with the ¼ inch socket for the roofing screws and I screwed them into place as she held the ladder and then also reminded me of the place where the hooks are that’s missing the rung, so I didn’t miss it and fall off of the ladder, which I can do fluently and in a heart beat.

(those of you who read us regularly, know how graceful I am on ladders)

We got a really neat shear from GNH that cut the Imperial steel roofing to length in a split second. What a savings that thing was. I always have such crooked ends with a tin snip or abrasive saw disc and the sparks and flying metal crap is dangerous. Anyway, we had it for the day and I love it. We’ll finish the roof tomorrow early and start on the upper plywood sections between the two roofs, then shift to the rear gable end that still needs done. After that……… it’s door time. Once all the doors are on, we are then ready to start the interior work of building a solid plywood feed room. One that will house the feed for the animals and possibly the refrigerator for the eggs. It will either be in there or the space under the steps to the loft. That is where all the chicken eggs will be kept, so we can reclaim our refrigerator in the house. Once that is completed, the barn will be done and we can breath a little easier for a week or so then start building the Hospice house in the area of the center lawn between the pine trees. That will be a pleasure to build.


Where we started.

The pasture field for the donkeys

Where the Hospice House will be.

Where we ended up. Looks GOOD!!

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