Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Eve, August 11th… What a gloomy, rainy day for a cookout!!

Audrey and Alfredo came as planned around 2:15 this afternoon and Vick’s parents, Joe & Anita came in about a half an hour after that. We gave Audrey & Alfredo the royal tour of the grounds between showers and the house, upstairs and the basement while it was showering. Unfortunately, the only ones cooking out was Vicki and I, as we did the steaks on the grill. After tending them, we would come inside and let them cook in the rain, then go out, lift the lid, check em’ and run back inside. The meal was ok and everyone enjoyed their visit. They were particularly intrigued by the chickens, ducks and turkeys and we spent about all the time it wasn’t raining out there watching them. I don’t think they expected it to be as interesting and relaxing to watch farm animals as they meander around the yard, pecking insects and chasing each other. As it grew dark, they decided to head for home………Anita & Joe to Lexington……… Audrey & Alfredo to the South Fallsburg, near Poughkeepsie.

It was a real lousy day for pictures, because no one is out doing anything…animals are all holed up for the weather and no one here wanted their pictures taken………..SO……. here are some lousy snapshots we clicked on the way home from today’s therapy.

Hoping for a better tomorrow…….bye, bye.

It was really dark and gloomy

These were take about 2:00Pm this afternoon

Just a gloomy, rainy, depressing day.

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