Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Eve, August 8th… Run, run, run… today that’s all we did!!

From the time we left the house this morning, we ran and ran and ran….from one spot to another. What with going to Home Depot for nails for the framing gun and Wal-Mart for a garden sprayer so we could spray disinfectant/deodorant around the dog yard and where the chickens & ducks live, to running to the Spinal Decompression Therapy, and then jumping on the thruway and heading to the State Farm agents office in Hudson….to eating at Spring Garden, to going to the Tractor Supply for dog food, a water bucket and then heading home….chasing after chickens and such, then meeting Stanley Maltzman for dinner, we are just about to collapse in exhaustion. And we never even made it to the barn!!!!!!!!!!!

When we got home this evening, we thought we had lost Perci, Vicki's favorite chicken...the one that comes running when she calls her and then wants to sit on her shoulder. We attributed her condition to being caught in the rain storm and chilled to the bone. If you know chickens, you know the worst thing that can happen is for them to take a chill and lose body temperature. She was fluffed, wet and shivering…….and wouldn’t eat, but wouldn’t stop drinking. She now is in the basement in a Styrofoam ice chest, under a heat lamp and eating, along with drinking, so We hope to have averted tragedy in a nick of time. Vicki is attached to this bird and would be devastated if she would die, so we’re hoping for the best.

We spent a nice hour or so with our friend Stanley at the Green Hill Café (Frank’s place, as we call it) and treated Stan to a veal Parmigiana dinner with spaghetti. Frank makes the VERY BEST Veal dinner!!

We chatted about Stan’s art work and told him that we stopped in Vermont at the Bennington Center for the Arts last week to see his work, but that it wasn’t there. Seems he had just removed it the day we stopped. Jeese….not even a day late…..although we might be a dollar short! Stan told us about a couple of other places to see some nice artwork by friends of his and we informed him that we were going back to the Bennington gallery to spend an entire day and see everything. Stan also thought we would enjoy it.

Also....Just called Dad to congratulate him and Rose again and to wish him a happy 81st birthday again before bedtime and he said he had an excellent and beautiful day. He is extremely happy to be married to Rose and the reception was great. They were also taken out to dinner by family too, so they had a really big day.

Here are pictures we amassed during our travels today......

The infamous Barbie & Boobie goes fishing!

Boobie leads the way with a heron and Barbie follows with rod and creel.

Starting across the Hudson River on the Rip Van Winkle Bridge.

The welcoming committee at home

Turkey's are the nosiest of all birds!

Hey Nosey...You just knowcked my box off the garbage can!!

Now stay away from it Timmy.

TIMMY!!!!! I said stay away from IT!

You don't listen any better than a kid! 

Keep it up and I'll kick your Turkey Butt!!!!!


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