Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wed. Eve Aug 6th… A new hen house is born… door and all…….

Today we had a late start and I didn’t even get a blog going until about 3:00 when we got home. We went to the Golden Coral for lunch and I was very disappointed with the food. The service was great, but I’m not used to that type of food anymore and didn’t really enjoy it. I would have rather eaten at the food court in the Crossgates Mall or at Ichiban Chinese restaurant for the money. Anyway, we got home and I blogged and then waited for Vick and the accountant to finalize the incorporation procedure for the “Nature’s Friends of Hospice” to become Vicki’s incorporated entity raising funds for hospice. After she was done on the phone, I tried again to get my insurance with State Farm fixed up so I can make the payments n-line when they come due, but was only successful in getting the proper bank account on file to make the payments when they come due, but I still think they have the policies screwed up yet, so I will have to call again tomorrow morning to see. Take my advice and never ever buy insurance from State Farm. If it wasn’t for my life insurance……I would switch to something else.

After becoming increasingly disenchanted with all this, we went out to the barn and created a hen house with a door and open air passages in the side where the chickens are going to inhabit the new barn. We got all the interior walls framed and now they need plywood, which we’ll have to go get. I’m sure we only have enough to close in the strip area between the two roofs on the road side, so we’ll even have to buy plywood for the two back gable ends needing closed in also. Oh well……….we’ll use what we have and then figure what more we need to finish. Next we’ll install the bottom and center boards for the chicken wire on the outside………… and build another door frame and a fitting door for the outside entrance into the fenced in hen yard. Should be fun tomorrow!!

Vicki's new toy! It is a great tool, no doubt about it!!!

The walls are all framed in

Here we have set the inside door.

Building in the door trim.

Oggling the photographer..... She's cute!!

Uhhhhhh....Back to work if I'm ever gonna git er' Done!

The bunnies watched our every move...but didn't care!

No therapy session means an early start on these things!!!!!

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