Monday, August 4, 2008

Mon. August 4th… Ladder collapsed but still made the Villa Vosilla

Yesterday was quite a day. We went out in the morning and Perci (short for pricilla) came running to Vicki as she always does. She sits on Vick's shoulder, stands on her foot if you don't pick her up and just plain, goes to sleep if you hold her in your hand. She is such a tiny thing!!! Below is Perci.

We started working on the barn, but had to stop for a chat with some neighbors that came for eggs. After talking for awhile, we finished the perlins on the roof, put the last full piece of metal on and cut the last piece and installed it. Now the barn is completely under roof. We then decided to go for something to eat, so we headed for a quick bite at Paul’s Pizza in Coxsackie. Upon returning, I used the chain saw to trim beams on the front of the pushout office area and trimmed the beam back the side of the pushout, to get ready for the little rain roof, which will be installed all around the bottom section of the pushout. We then started to close in the gable end where it remained open. We finished the highest parts and upon doing the last, lower piece, the ladder leg twisted slightly, buckled and collapsed, throwing me to the ground on top of the ladder.

After I was lying upon the ground…..didn’t the piece of plywood came down and hit me on the head! Good thing it hit me there or I could have been hurt. On my way down, I remember Vicki screaming my name, but I knew who I was……That’s like saying “You’re falling”, really I knew all that. Seriously, it scared her much more than it did me and she rushed immediately to my side and checked me out and patched me up in true nurse fashion. It’s nice to finally have someone care for you and about you!! That’s nice and something I never had in my adult life after leaving home at 19. Anyway, after Vicki’s heart quite pounding… we finished that piece and moved to the other gable end and installed the largest piece and cut another before we decided to quit, shower and get dressed, put the birdies away for the night and head to the Villa Vosilla in Tannersville for Alfredo & Audrey’s nightclub show.

We arrived just as they we about to start, so we grabbed a table and enjoyed a fine show that lasted from 10:00 to 12:30. Audrey and Alfredo are personal friends that we met through Joe and Anita, Vicki’s parents. Audrey & Alfredo have performed with Joe through the years at numerous places in upstate New York and Florida and are all great friends. The put on a marvelous show of singing and dancing and joking around with the audience.

The Villa Vosilla Complex

The Villa Vosilla Nightclub / Ballroom 

L to R : Anita, Joe, Alfredo, Audrey and Alfredo's daughter.

After the show was over, we sat and chatted with them for a good half hour and then headed for home. Audrey & Alfredo will be coming to visit us and relax for the day in a week or so because they wanted to see the new barn and all the animals, the lake and our house. It was nice to get home and go to bed……..

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