Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Evening, August 28th… The doors…the doors….the doors

I’ll be seeing doors in my dreams…… like Vicki didn’t think it would take so long to make doors, but she is now a believer that you can make a career making doors & doors & doors & doors…………

We need to make another 10 foot by 7 foot sliding door for the rear tomorrow and put the 1x4 framing inside which keeps the door rigid and strong. Right now, we only have a 1x4 across the top and one near the bottom, but that door looks good and seals off nice so we won’t have a wind tunnel this winter blowing through from front to back. That will keep the animals warmer and easier. We're all set up to make the back door as soon as we get home from Vick's therapy tomorrow at 11:00.

Some of the barn residents were on hand all day long today, watching as we built the doors. I haven’t found any chickens up in the loft yet, but I expected to find an old hen roosted on the banister around the steps. You can see them in the one picture. They came out rather nice and they are functionally strong too. That will be important when we get to throwing bales of hay around up there next year.

We went to town hall today to find out what else we had to do to become a farm status and what we needed to do to get the Hospice house approved so we can start that when we want to. I need to make a simple plan of what it will look like, how big it will be and a material list, the return all the information along with a soil doodily-bob from one of the big cheese’s in Cairo……… Have I ever mentioned that Cairo is full of dorks that think they should run everything? Well that’s what I think! This would be a lovely place to live if Catskill & Cairo would just float down the Hudson, never to be seen or heard from again! I drive down the Schoharie turnpike just so I don’t have to be tormented by Cairo’s STUPID red lights………… you know….the one’s that stop 10 cars to leave 1 out of McDonalds, or Stewart’s or the STATE POLICE road. (surprise, surprise, surprise….the state police needed one) What about all the other roads along 23 from Catskill to 145 that don’t have a red light????? I love how the guy on the side street stops, turns right on red and after he’s gone….I have to stop and wait on NO ONE at the red light. Cairo is filled with the most stupid of stupid dumb asses who think they are just the most intelligent and important bureaucrats on earth. I’ll just shut up and drive around these dorks and leave them and their stupid little city to be enjoyed by themselves. Shit, I wish I wouldn’t have gone to town hall today………It just makes me think of the Big Cairo dorks and I wonder how Greenville does so good without Cairo’s help.

Ahhhhhh…. good night…. Sleep tight you Cairo Dorks.

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