Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sat. Aug. 9th… Sad day here at the Cluckin’ “A”. Perci is gone.

Upon checking this morning, I found Perci had died during the night. Being Vicki’s favorite chicken and the fact that every other bird out there appears to be extremely healthy (including the other Bantams), I have to believe it was due to the rain storm yesterday. She was inside a crate pen when we got home yesterday where she apparently tried to seek shelter from the extremely heavy downpour we received yesterday afternoon during the thunderstorm that passed through here. She had found a small slit in the pen and got in, then couldn't get back out. She was ok in the am hours and when we returned from our errand runs  and Vicki found her trapped in the cage, but later in the evening she fell ill, shivering and drinking excessively. We thought she was going to be ok when we returned from dinner with Stanley Maltzman, but we were proved wrong, as it was not to be. Pricilla will be sadly missed by Vicki and me. I buried her behind the Wilson House, where she liked to peck and scratch in the leaves, at the edge of the old stone wall.

More later… Today.

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