Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday, August 11th… The thunder rolls and the rain falls slightly.

All night long the thunder rolled..... sounding like an angry animal in the distance, growling, snarling, making that guttural sound of an agitated beast about to pounce upon it’s prey. The dogs really despise that noise, I believe, because it shakes the earth at the very same time that it rumbles and they equate it to some evil threat coming in the darkness…… and they await..... tense...... emitting a low, almost inaudible growl, of both fear and menacing seriousness toward the perceived threat. Once nothing happens for a few seconds, they become impatient........ more uneasy and scared at the lack of resolve and they jump on the bed to seek protection afforded by Vicki or I. You cannot console them to complacency and expect them to relax. Each new flash of lightning is the beginning of the next instant replay of the last terrifying alert, except, they are already on the bed, so they just wiggle closer. It is most irritating when the thunder comes with long periods between, because the restless animals constantly return to the floor, seeking their favorite area to bed down and sleep, only to be aroused again by the next flash and boom.

All this flashing and noise, yet we received very little rain for the effort. The pond remains healthy with a good water level, however, a week on blistering sun can again drive us right back into a drought like situation in the pond area. There just isn’t enough flowing water in the area streams yet, so the water levels fall sharply without regular rain.  

Today after our trip to Guilderland, we shall stop at the Price Chopper, just around the corner from Dr. Pastors office and get some groceries and prepare for the arrival of Audrey and Alfredo, our family friends,  who are coming with Vick’s parents to finally see our home, critters and the barn. Perhaps we can have a little sunshine and clearing this afternoon…..long enough to grill some food outside. We hope. Later we will probably work on the barn a little, so stay tuned for a few pictures of today’s visit and the barn progress.

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