Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday Eve. Aug. 5th… 5 more days to hatch or detonation!!!!!

The eggs have been in the incubator for a long time and they are scheduled to hatch on the 13th. On the 10th we are supposed to remove all the eggs, take the turner out and place all the eggs back into the incubator onto the screened bottom and let them sit the last three days without moving them. In those last three days, the ducklings should move to orientate themselves for hatching out of the egg. I’ll tell ya what…….after 28 days at 99.5 degrees, if the eggs that don’t hatch are bumped…… it could be another Hiroshima type detonation and a stink that would be smelled around the world! This should be a real adventure with, maybe a few new duckies for the brooding house. After the 13th……we will wait until the 16th and then all un-hatched eggs will very carefully be throw away……way away……way out at the far end of the Pupskill Bay Lake.

Today we got home from the therapy session and went to work on the barn. We finished the gable end, framed in the remaining, rear gable end, that we hadn’t framed in yet and then went to the top plywood which closed in the area between the roofs. I also installed the window in the office area. We must cut in one more 17” x 29” window up in the loft area (between the roofs) centered like the one in the downstairs side. It’s looking pretty good and getting better all the time. It sure doesn’t look like it did for so long with only posts and boards nailed to the tops anymore. The more we do the more we want to do and tomorrow is another day!!

A window goes on the narrow strip between the upper and lower roof yet.

Chicken wire goes all around the bottom posts on this side.

This will be partitioned off into the new hen house with roosts.

This side is for donkeys and sheep....maybe.

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