Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thurs. August 14th… Barn Day USA,…… when we get there……..

Today will be the day we work on the barn without leaving the premises for anything. We just got a call from Ed Pooters, that our lumber for doors will be finished today and we can pick it up, the Verizon people are coming to save us from Mid-Hudson’s digital cable dilemma. Never get a digital phone line because nothing works and the communications sucks!! Answering machines don’t seem to work right, Fax machines don’t work right…… and large pieces of your verbal communications sometime are missed by the party you’re calling and they CANNOT fix it. Don’t buy digital Phone lines……not even with fiber optics. (which is their big selling point) “Aw yeah, but we use fiber optic wire and it doesn’t do that.” DON’T BUY IT!!   They all lie or are stupid!!

There is no new activity in the incubator downstairs……nothing beyond the first duckie that hatched and died overnight. All other eggs just sit there…… doing absolutely what eggs do…..nothing. We will allow them another day or so, then we will candle them and discard them. Maybe we’ll have better luck next time. Who knows what went wrong, because I positively know the eggs were fertile. Perhaps next time we want to do this we will gather the eggs daily, keep them at 55 degrees and after gathering about 12, place them in the incubator to hatch.

I still get excited about the GPS system we now have for the car. I can’t wait to venture to an unknown location and allow the system to guide us directly to our destination without looking at a map first. It’s the coolest thing, the way it tells you that your (right or Left) turn is coming up in ½ mile, then it says it again at ¼ mile and then it says it at 500 feet, then it tells you to take the next ?????? turn. After that it says “drive more than XX miles to next turnoff. How cool. It even says “This is a speed trap area, drive carefully.” It will tell you if a toll road is coming up, a dirt road, a dangerous intersection or just a very sharp turn off. It’s amazing. Anyone that travels or has trouble remembering routes needs one of these.

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