Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thurs. Eve, August 14th… We made it!! Chickens are in the Barn!!

The new chickens from the brooding house are now in the new chicken facility in the new barn. We finished it up this evening and we just now got into the house after transferring all the chickens and guinea foul into the new area. They must be in seventh heaven out there right now. There are tons of roosting places, nest boxes and roost poles in front of the nesting boxes to roost all night on too. They should grow up to be some really happy chickens

16 New Nesting boxes

Roost poles to help them get into the nesting boxes

Staggered roost pole so they don't poop on each other.

Outside staggered roosts too.

We went over to Middle Field Lumber Co., owner by Mr. Ed Pooters, Jr. to pick up our 1”x10”x8’ lumber to make all the doors and close up the openings here and there.  This man has gone out of his way to be good to us with lumber. He has dropped what he was doing to cut us more beams and boards because I screwed up the order and didn't ask for enough. He has used his lunch break to cut material for us and delivered it without charging. He is a great person and we positively recommend him for all your lumber needs. He is always ready to help you out. What a guy!

Ed bringing our lumber around to the truck.

Ed's office and saw house

A candid shot of Ed jumping off of the skid steer loader.

Meet Mr. Ed Pooter's Jr. Quite the gentleman and scholar.

Ed's Wood Miser setup cuts beautiful lumber.

Ed and Vick taking care of business while I goof off and click pictures.

Quite Functional but also a quaint little office.

Vick telling Ed about the Hospice house coming up.

Loaded up, paid for and ready to roll.

Since the chickens are now done, we can concentrate on the posts and hand railing around the loft steps upstairs and making doors for the front, rear and side of the barn. When my next check comes, we are going to get our door track for front and rear, the hinges and other hardware for the side “Dutch” door where the donkeys will be and the metal gates that go in the entry way of the stalls. Soon we will be thinking of the lights and receptacles and the water. We will; also start to build the feed room so we can transfer the twenty five bags of layer pellets closer to where we have the chickens and I’ll have the benefit of pulling the truck into the barn and closing the door this winter when I need to unload feed, instead of having to do it in the freezing cold, rain or snow.

Once we finish the barn, we are going to take a weeks break to lazy around, fish or just sit on the deck and enjoy life! Directly after that................................................. ....................Look out Ed!!!!! Here we come again! , we will be drafting up a 12 x 20 board and batten building for the Hospice program. We filed for a corporate rating, but something happened and we have to wait to see what it was. (Just another little set-back!) Anyway, that will be an easy one…….just a simply little framed structure……insulated…. heated by a 20” chunk stove from Tractor supply and a little porch with a railing around it big enough to hold two ice cream tables and chairs. In this we will sell our art works, eggs, butter from the farm etc. to benefit the Columbia - Greene County Hospice Program. Gotta keep busy to be worthwhile in life.

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