Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday August 17th… That Dastardly Virus is contained!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone! We have survived the initial attack of the virus and now we are recovering. We have captured all of our photographs that we were concerned about losing and all the program files that contain pertinent information about the web pages, our blog and many of the clipart files we use in everything we do. I am, this very moment, using the laptop upstairs, while sitting beside Vicki as she paints a portrait of a Buff Orpington chicken, (a beautiful watercolor) which she will most likely sell in our hospice store, called Nature’s Friends of Hospice, Inc.

Once we finish the barn and Take a week long break, we will begin construction of a 15 x 20 foot single story building of board & batten construction for the purpose of raising funds for the Columbia - Greene County Hospice program. We will display and sell art items of both Vicki and mine and some farm related items creating funds which we will then turn over to the hospice program.

We didn’t do much to the barn today, because we decided to go to Cobleskill and pick up the door rails for the entryway sliding doors from the Tractor Supply there. We picked up forty feet of rounded door track, the roller hangers and the other related pieces and brackets to do the front & rear entry doors. We have all the hinges and hardware to complete the front and rear, double doors in the loft area, but still need the 4 hinges, handles and latches for the Dutch style livestock door on the side nearest the road. We did start the little angled weather roof that goes around the, bumped out, 12 x 14 office area.

Anyway……. We went to Cobleskill and like I’ve been telling you and Vicki has been mentioning every evening this past week, fall is in the air and right around the corner. Now… if you need proof, here it is! The leaves are turning up there already!

But look closely. The Rose of Sharon bush is just now starting to bloom and the flowers in the center garden strip along main street entering Cobleskill are..............


??????? Daffodils??????? Yepper!!!!! The spring flowers up there are finally in bloom. Maybe it’s a little colder up there than you might think? Perhaps you should look at the little piece of equipment parked at the side of the Tractor Supply store in the mall there. I’d say it will answer any and all questions about that subject!

The mall's motto...?  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.........

Oh the weather outside is hot right now. BUT.......

Tractor Supply Company in Cobleskill

We gathered eight eggs both last night and eight more this evening. That is a refreshing change, because we didn’t get 16 eggs in all of the last month! After going to an acquaintance’s house the night before last and bringing 12 good layers home with us. We now get at least a dozen eggs every 2 days and can expect far more when the new chickens we got from mid April through July, get old enough to start laying. With well over 100 chickens, we should have all the eggs we need to sell and use.

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