Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another Beautiful Saturday Unfolding

It's Saturday... warm, sunny and as beautiful a day as one could possibly hope for.

Looking out across the pond in the morning hours makes us wonder what it will look like in mid-summer when all is green and blooming. We only completed it late last summer, so it was mud and dirt. This is the first time it will be seen with all the vegetation and the grass mowed and groomed. What a beautiful sight we'll have each morning from the table on the deck as Vicki and I eat our breakfast.


We are both eager to get back to the deck expansion so we can sit at the table under the little roof and view our yard and pond as we dine. The original deck will be expanded outward to the three concrete pillar bases you see to the right side of the above photo. The hand railing and gate will be put back on, flower beds replaced and we will have quite a party deck with lots of room for clam bakes and BBQ's this summer with all our friends. 

If you can imagine from the photos, this is the view of the barn we will see from our breakfast table on the deck. We should be able to see some of the pasture area and the donkey's while they graze too.


Here are a few of the members of the trusty troop of doggies we have around us every minute of the day we are home. Casey is the most amazing puppy I've ever been around. Vicki Has always wanted a Lab puppy and we certainly did not make any mistake getting this one. If you ever decide to get one, make sure you seek out a reputable breeder as we did. Lab's are very intelligent and when you seek a good breeder, you obtain the best genetic bloodline traits that select line breeding of can supply. Casey Mae displays traits and actions of a trained Lab even though she has never been trained to perform them, like always having something in her mouth to present to you. She is always looking for something to retrieve and bring to you. Vicki is training Casey Mae everyday in many ways, but it is an effortless endeavor because she must only show Casey once or twice and she remembers and performs what she has been taught from then forward. She is an amazing little puppy and you hardly know she is around.

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