Friday, April 11, 2008

What a lousy day

What a day we had.  It started with  our lovely little Casey Mae throwing up in our bed again, second time this week.  Had to strip the bed again.  Then I came down stairs to find Skip on the computer looking out of one eye.  His left eye was swollen shut.  I waited for 9am and called the doctor.  She would see him at 1:15pm so we just kinda hung around relaxing since it was raining again.  I called Agway thinking we would pick up the chicks today but no such luck.  They will not come in until april 23,27 and may 7th.  since the weather is so cold the eggs didn't hatch yet.  We busted our butts to get the brooding house done in time, what a waste.  At least we have 2 bunnies.  Went to the doctor to find Skip has a clogged gland, probably from rubbing his eye with dirty sawdust hands.  She gave him antibiotic drops and told him he needs to use hot wet compresses many times a day.  Went for lunch and then came home in time to feed and water the ducks and chickens.  They stayed in today since on Friday we leave early to go to eat at Richies.  They weren't happy about staying in their pen, Spot and Rover really gave me lip service but Stew our slightly retarded rooster snuck by me when I opened the door to give them water.  No way could Skip and I get him back in the barn.  He was on his own, if he didn't get up high he could get eaten by a fox while we were gone.  Had a nice dinner at Rich and Robins.  My father was not himself tonight, not sure what is wrong.  We brought Casey Mae with us and she was cuddled by all, lucky puppy.  It was a long day, Skip was hurting from his eye and his knees from the rainy day so we left a little earlier than usual.  Hoping to find Stew and get him back home.  As soon as we opened the door I knew one of the dogs got sick, the smell permeated the house.  Found quite the mess in the hall.  Let out the dogs and cleaned the mess while Skip soaked his eye.  Put the quilt in the dryer from this mornings mess and shampooed the carpet from this evenings mess.  It was dutchess, you can't hide when you have long fur around your butt, it was all over her.  Skip put on his leather gloves and went hunting for Stew.  He found him on the wheel barrel one foot off the ground, the perfect place to become Mr foxes dinner.Skip picked him up by his legs and put him back in the barn, he was not a happy rooster.  I can see this happening on a regular basis on Friday and Saturday nights when we go out.  Once the big barn is built we'll leave the door open and the chickens can roost up high where the fox can't get them.  Skip was too tired to blog tonight so I'm filling in.  It was not a good day for picture taking so I'll post some shots we took of some unusal things just to give you something to look at.  Got to go make up the bed so poor Skip can get to bed. 

Cool moth.

In Vermont a few weeks ago, catching the syrup



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