Monday, April 21, 2008

Over the river and through the woods to Dr. Halsted’s Vet office we go!

Today was take your doogie to the Vet day!!!!

Vicki and I worked on the rear deck for awhile this morning, because we had an appointment for all 5 doogies at the vet’s office at 1:30 this afternoon. We got the rest of the old triangular deck section removed and scab nailed the new joist extenders on the face of the old deck, but just the first one. Tomorrow we will shoot the other extender on and start framing the new deck to the spot figures we shot with the transit level this morning, first off. Once the mainframe is up and tied in, it’s a matter of installing hangers and dropping the 2x8’s in place, nailing them and then shooting the deck boards on the main frame. The hand railing is easy and quick to install also. We can’t wait!

Once we get to a point that Sweet Vicki’s back doesn’t hurt like it does at this moment, we will go back to the barn and install the top stringer ties and see if I can create an easy way for us to install the 6x10” beams and that one 8x12 incher on the pushout office upstairs. If we can do that, maybe we can install the steps and upstairs flooring so Matt and Mark can go directly to work on the upstairs walls and roofing. That would make their job fast and easy. We’ll see.

We took all 5 doogies to the vet’s without a real problem. Princess and Dutchess are very good in this type of situation … very mellow and calm. Beary and Snavely Mill are good too. Casey Mae was a real hoot! She went through the facility as if she owned it (on a leash of course) and when we got into the examining room, she laid under Sweet Vicki’s chair and slept until it was her turn to be looked at. All were shot for Rabies, Lymes and Casey got her 2nd Lymes and her puppy shot. It was an easy trip both ways and very affordable for that many dogs. We’re glad to have them all taken care of and healthy. We give all the dogs their yearly 7-way shot which is a standard combination provides immunization against Parvo, Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza & 2-Leptospirosis. ( it comes in a single dose w/syringe) We also keep a vial of epinephrine in the frig just in case there would ever be a case of anaphylactic shock from the 7-way shot. We don’t even bat an eye to give vaccines to the dogs with Vicki being a registered nurse and I having been registered with the state of Pennsylvania to administer Rabies shots to my dogs in the kennel I had there.

Below are pictures of the dogs at Dr. Halsted’s office.

Here we are with the whole durned crew!

This is how Dr. Halsted treats the dogs. He sits on the floor with them.

Casey Mae still gets special treatment... being cute and all.

Beary gets her toe nails trimmed and doesn't like it at all!!

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