Saturday, April 5, 2008

April 5th, Goin' To The Play....


We got up this morning and headed to the Hilltown Agway to pick up the necessary feed for the critters and some other needed supplies for the Brooding House. We have just pretty close to finished it today. There is a little more to do tomorrow and we will be ready for the chicks, ducks and Turkeys. Vick is even going to grab some bunnies if she can find them for sale. Vick got a few pictures of the duckie’s they have there for sale, but ours were ordered, so we will wait for them to come in. I would guess they will come this coming week or the next.

We will be getting a bunch of guinea hens too, but you can only get them in May, so we will have the barn built by then and all the other birds can go there and the guinea hens can have the entire brooding house to themselves.

We gotta run right now because the niece and nephew are both in a school play and we are going to see them perform this evening. Pictures at 11:00!!

This is our Agway. We go there a lot.

It's a big place full of nice folks....Always ready to help!

They sell dog boxes too!

Vick always get's stuck at the duckie tub.....cooing over the ducklings.

They're always so cute and cuddly. So much so that they had to put a sign on the tub to keep kids from handling them and hurting them unintentionally.

Lunch time at the old feed dish, Waterin' hole looks a little crowded too.

It was so nice today, we had the Dutch door open all afternoon when we got home. Gotta go to the play....see ya around 11:00 with pictures, I hope.

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