Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday, April 11th…Rainy, chilly, no sun…YUK!

Although We can use a day to recuperate and get back to the top notch condition we always wish to be in, (or the semi-crippled regular condition we usually are) we expect today to be bird day. Thus…we will call Hilltown Agway and see if the birds arrived late yesterday as Danny suggested may have happened. (Danny once worked there) If not, they will definitely come later today, and we will pick them up Saturday morning because Vicki has an appointment with Dr. Lee today for her back, so we will make tracks for the mountain early this evening and then venture on to Rich and Robin’s house for Friday dinner.

For now….here are a few pictures of us and the puppy.

Hope to give another blog and picture session later this evening, late.

Casey Mae winding down too!

Sometimes it doesn't look like she is growing too fast!

Sometimes it looks like she grows in leaps and bounds!!!!

Again, with the "Hound of the Baskervilles" look!! She's good at that evil look.


They are such pretty little birds and we enjoy watching them gliding and catching bugs all around the yard all summer long as they feed and raise their little family in the green and white bird house by the barn construction area. They just watch us work and continue to glide and chirp happily.

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