Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday 18th, 10:32 AM ... All Posts are in & it's 1st Break!

Vick and I were out there first thing this morning and now have all of the posts in the ground. Sweet Vicki is the bestest durned worker ya could ask ta work with and she does her durndest to be one step ahead of ya with what ya need. We will finish our first break and head back out to plumb and plant the last of the posts that are sitting in the holes and we will be done until Sunday when the other lumber comes from Middlefield Lumber near Earlton.

Ed Pooters Jr. is an excellent guy to buy lumber from and he runs a nice little operation on Middlefield road. He was very accommodating and made sure of our needs and helped find the most cost efficient way to cut the lumber.

When his lumber shows up on Sunday, we will be able to put the 2 x 6” tie boards at the top of each span and tie all the posts together and then install the gussets for strength and support. Keep watching… pictures later.

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